Michael Bauer
Once people taste Fernando’s food, there should be lines out the door; his combinations have a distinct point of view and prices are excellent, especially considering the stylish preparation… read more
Michael Bauer / San Francisco Chronical
Chef-owner Brian Fernando brings the unique, bold flavors of his heritage at this upscale eatery offering Sri Lankan–influenced, seasonally driven small plates that are “gorgeous in flavor and in presentation”; “the drinks are great too” (beer, vino and fortified wines only), and a “super-friendly” staff and “cozy” atmosphere complete the package.
Anna Roth
I’d also return for a hopper, a bowl-shaped rice-flour-and-coconut-milk crepe with a poached egg in the middle. read more
Anna Roth / SF Weekly
 Josh Sens
The best San Francisco restaurant that you’ve never heard of makes what I’m pretty sure are the city’s only Sri Lankan–inspired dishes. It is, I know for certain, the sole spot in SoMa that dusts its palate teasers with a ground fruit called goraka and spikes its 15-course degustation menu with Maldive fish and lime pickle. … read more
Josh Sens / San Francisco Magazine
Ellen Fort & Stefanie Tuder
Ever since Brian Fernando redid the menu at the Sri Lankan-influenced 1601 Bar & Kitchen, the buzz about the bold, carefully curated food of his heritage has been unstoppable. Fernando started San Francisco off slow with a menu that played down the Sri Lankan funk and sour flavors, but the new menu is more unapologetically authentic and truly unique…. read more
Ellen Fort & Stefanie Tuder / San Francisco Eater

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